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Monday, May 22, 2017

Spring Trends: Ruffles, Bell-Sleeves, & Mules

This look has all of my favorite spring trends in one haha: ruffles, bell-sleeves, and mules (click any of those links for how I've styled those trends). Which trend are you really into this season?

Endless Rose ruffle top (c/o)
AG Jeans "Sloan" jeans
ASOS snake mules (similar

I got this ruffled bell-sleeve top when I co-hosted the Macy's Spring Fashion Presentation a few weeks ago. This blouse is so ruffly and pink, so I like to dress it down with these straight-legged distressed jeans for a juxtaposition.

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Here are a few photos of the Macy's Spring Fashion Presentation and some of the looks I styled:
For the Macy's Spring Fashion Presentation, I shared more of my favorite trends for the season: embellished and embroidered details, vintage band tees, off-the-shoulder tops, modernized oxford shirts, and bomber jackets.

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Beauty: My Eyebrow Microblading & Powder-Fill Experience

microblading powder-fill brows eyebrows seattle

Ever since I heard about eyebrow microblading half a year ago, I started researching brow artists in the Seattle area who offered this service. I looked for months, but when I found Lindsey McAndrews on Instagram, I hit her up right away! Btw, this post is not sponsored and I paid for everything myself. I have been offered free microblading by others before, but I declined those because I loved Lindsey's work and trusted her with my brows.

Lindsey first powder-filled my brows and then microbladed them. I'm not a brow artist, but from my research, here's what I learned about the differences:

Powder-Fill vs. Microblading
The powder-fill method is done with small dots of pigment, which creates a soft, ombre brow, so the front of the eyebrow is lighter and the tail is darker. I had parts of my eyebrows powder-filled first to lay down a base, and then microbladed on top of that.

Microblading vs. Tattooing
Microblading is semipermanent and done with plant-based pigments. The artist manually draws in each hair stroke so the results look more natural. The needle is three times smaller than a tattoo needle, so the lines can be really fine. Because these pigments are plant-based and semipermanent, the colors will fade in 6-24 months without having time to oxidize. Oxidizing occurs with tattooing because it's permanent, so blacks/browns may discolor to green/blue or orange/red.

Here is more of my experience below as well as FAQs.

microblading eyebrows powder-fill brows seattle

1. Before
I have brow hairs, but I wanted my brows to appear darker and the shape to be more defined. I also didn't want to spend a lot of time doing my brows anymore (I used to use Glossier Boy Brow Tint to darken and ABH DipBrow Pomade to shape).

2. 1st Session
I first had a powder-fill so that created a shape for my brows. It's a soft look if that's what you prefer, but I wanted more definition.

3. 2nd Session
After a month, I went back for my touch-up session where I was microbladed on top of the powder-fill. You can see the hair strokes are much more defined. This photo was taken the day I had it done, so you can see some redness still.

4. After
This photo was taken about 10 days after my 2nd session. I don't have any product in my brows! It's still a little dark and will fade to a more natural look in another week or so.


Does microblading hurt?
Yes, but it's bearable. They should apply numbing cream on the brows beforehand, and add numbing ointment throughout the process. Powder-fill feels like getting poked, and microblading feels like being scraped.

How long do the microblading results last?
They say anywhere from 6-24 months. I would think that this wide range is due to your skincare routine, like if you use retinol or exfoliate a lot, that could cause quicker fading.

What is included in the microblading session?
This probably varies, but where I went, the consultation, 1st, and 2nd sessions were included in the original price.

What is a reasonable price?
I can only speak for the Seattle area, but I think $400-550 is reasonable for the main session (listed above), and $150-250 for a touch up session about 1-2 years down the line.

How did you choose your brow artist?
I mentioned that I found Lindsey McAndrews on Instagram and I knew she was "the one." When I met her, that was only further confirmed! She's been doing and designing brows for over a decade. I appreciated how meticulous and picky she was. She would notice a small detail and fix it without me having to prompt it. She is also so personable and sweet. I recommend finding someone who is honest, experienced, and detail-oriented, so you can really trust her to draw something semipermanent on your face!

How long does the process take?
The first appointment takes about 1.5-2 hours. A good portion of that time will be spent discussing the shape you want, and the artist measuring and drawing out your ideal brow. The 2nd session takes a little under an hour.

What's the healing process like?
On the 1st day, my skin felt sensitive and looked red. Brace yourself for the 2nd day though! The brows looked reeeally dark and strong, but don't be scared as the color will definitely fade. I wore a hat on the 2nd day haha. On the 3rd and 4th day, my brows felt a little itchy -- but avoid scratching. The color was still dark then. Now this may get a little gross... but on the 5th day, you may start noticing some dead skin cells on your brows but resist touching them or scraping them off. From day 6 onward, you'll start to be in the clear! Don't get nervous if you see some initial patchiness, and just be patient for your brows to fully heal and for the color to settle. Within the month, if you still have patchiness, your brow artist can fix that during the touch-up session.

What is the aftercare?
Your brow artist may suggest something more tailored for you. This is the aftercare that worked for me. I put witch hazel on a facial pad and lightly tapped it on my brows a couple times a day for 10 days. Following that, I put Aquaphor on a q-tip and lightly tapped that onto my brows. Aside from those steps, I didn't touch my brows for 10 days. I washed around them and didn't wear any brow makeup.

Would you get your eyebrows microbladed/powder-filled again?
YES. It's definitely worth the investment for me. I love not having to do my brows! I also like that it's semipermanent so if I want to change my brow shape, I can in a year or so. That being said, my last thought would be to manage your expectations. As with anything, there is no such thing as perfection. Sometimes, your skin just may not heal as well or retain color as long. You may need a little touch here or there (I still own the ABH Brow Wiz just in case). But if you're on the fence, and you can find a brow artist you love and trust + you're able to invest, go for it!

Let me know if you have any more questions in the comments, and I'll respond there!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Flared Stripe Sleeves

flared stripe sleeve top
My bell-sleeve obsession continues! I added this dramatic flared stripe sleeve top to my growing collection, where it'll join this striped bell-sleeve top, floral fluted sleeve dress, and white ruffle-sleeve top.

Saint Laurent embellished Kate bag
Style Mafia Locka top
Style Mafia flared sleeve top
striped flare sleeve pearl trousers
Style Mafia flared-sleeve top
Zara d'orsay flats (similar)
BaubleBar double pearl earrings
Saint Laurent embellished "Kate" bag

How dramatic are these sleeves! Because of this, I kept the rest of the silhouette pretty simple. I like the pearl details of these navy trousers and matched them to my double stud pearl earrings. I wore this look to my birthday dinner with Husband at Hitchcock on Bainbridge Island (short ferry ride from Seattle) where we had the most amazing côte de bœuf! (Side story: Husband and I went to Hitchcock years ago, and midway through the meal, his contact got stuck in the back of his eye! He couldn't get it out, but as always, he was such a good sport though we rushed through dinner, understandably. He wanted us to have a better memory there, and we can report that no opto-drama occurred this time around haha). For the occasion, I sported my fun embellished Saint Laurent bag and my favorite matte red liquid lipstick (which lasts forever when layered over this lipliner pencil).

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Tweed & Chanel in Notting Hill - London

IRO tweed jacket Chanel pearl brooch
How cute are all the homes and doors in Notting Hill in London?! We strolled around the neighborhood after having afternoon tea at Sketch, which seemed like a charming and appropriate setting to wear this tweed jacket.

Notting Hill London
Notting Hill London UK
Chanel pearl brooch
Notting Hill London England UK
tweed jacket Chanel brooch
Aritzia camisole (similar)
Vince d'orsay flats (similar)
Clic Clac mirrored sunglasses (similar)
Givenchy crossbody bag (similar)
Moorea Seal tassel earrings 
Chanel pearl brooch (similar)
Monica Vinader "Fiji" bracelet 

I may invest in a classic Chanel tweed jacket one of these days ;)... but for now, I've been pinning this Chanel pearl brooch to some of my existing jackets. Anyway, I can't choose which cute home I love most in Notting Hill. I think the yellow house with the mint door looks so cheery and happy. Every bit of the neighborhood is so picturesque!

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Girl with a Pearl Shirt

Pearl jewelry is classy and timeless, but beyond accessories, pearl embellishments anywhere and everywhere have definitely been a front-and-center trend this season! I like that this modernized oxford shirt has one large pearl detail on each sleeve cuff.

Acne Studios "Mock" leather jacket
Moorea Seal hoop earrings (c/o)

I was in Washington D.C. a couple weekends ago and wore this outfit for a day of visiting museums, memorials, and monuments. We walked over 8 miles this day, so comfortable footwear was a must. I like the low-profile, slip-on version of these classic Converse sneakers as they're sleeker. Yet, they can also make something more formal, like a slip dress, look cooler and more daytime appropriate.

We got to D.C. about a week or two too late for peak cherry blossom season. The plus side is that Tidal Basin, where people typically go to admire the pink blooms, was completely empty. We were able to find some trees that still had cherry blossoms though, so we rested in the park for a little bit from all our walking!

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