Friday, September 19, 2014

Trove - Seattle, WA

Let me begin by prefacing that I am a lover of Korean BBQ, Revel, and Joule (both restaurants I've reviewed on this site multiple times). Though I'm a resident of Capitol Hill in Seattle, I've been willing to drive 25-ish miles out of the city for more authentic Korean food. Until now.

Korean BBQs tend to require an expansive space considering the size of the grills and vents, so I had little hopes of one being in the city. But oh me of little faith. The magical chef duo behind Revel and Joule, Rachel Yang (pictured above) and Seif Chirchi, recently opened Trove, a 4,000 square-feet Korean BBQ in Capitol Hill, just minutes away from me on foot.

I haven't been this excited about reviewing a restaurant in a while. Let's do this!

Left: Husband's "Tacoma-Fashioned" and my "Seoul Mule." Right: You can order a meat tower: "Modest" ($70 for 2-3 people: 6 meats + 2 veggies) and "Baller" ($100 for 4-6 people... and does this option come with stacks of dolla dolla bills for you to toss?).

Tender octopus atop a white bean and kale salad dressed with miso.

An order of "Sloppy Kim", an Asian twist on the Sloppy Joe with cilantro and daikon in a fried bun.

Between the two of us, we ordered 2 beefs (hanger and wagyu) and 2 porks (pork belly and short rib) for the Korean BBQ. My recommendations: wagyu - melts in your mouth! And pork belly, because samgyeopsal is my favorite. Dip the pork belly in the sesame oil and salt mixture (pictured below).

We ordered one bowl of rice (plenty to share between 2 people) and some Korean side dishes that included kimchee and pickled vegetables. The banchan servings are modest, and not the plethora you're used to in more traditional Korean restaurants.

Just because this beer is so kawaii.

I'm never too full for dessert. Within Trove, there is a Bar, Noodle Bar (bustling for lunch - get the rice cakes), and Parfait Truck. We got a "New School Snickers" parfait layered with chocolate ice cream, crunchy miso caramel, black sesame cake, and candied peanuts. Also, make sure you take a look through the pipe on the side of the Truck. You will see a Godzilla surprise. ;)

Trove is a modern take on Korean BBQ, and expect quality over quantity. There may not be stacks of meat and endless banchan, but I don't think I'll ever have to drive out of the city for Korean food... maybe except for when I'm craving soondubu. Check out more of my reviews of Seattle restaurants! Happy Friday!

Photography by Miguel Marino. Please contact us for use.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Casual White Shirtdress

Rebecca Taylor shirtdress (similar - on sale!)
J.Crew denim jacket (25% off - code: SHOPFORFALL)
Zara sandals (similar - on sale!)
CĂ©line bicolor wristlet

Last time, I dressed up this shirtdress (post here), so I wanted to show how to make it less prim and proper. I cuffed the sleeves, belted it with a denim jacket, and exchanged heels for sandals. As the season transitions to fall, I can imagine a sleek monochromatic look with this shirtdress with a leather jacket and these black boots (or a much more affordable version ;)). Take that, arbitrary no white after Labor Day rule...

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Public School

COS stripe top (similar)
J.Crew x Public School skirt (on sale!)
Zara flats (similar - on sale!)
Chanel wallet on chain

I was excited to see J.Crew offering some curated pieces from Public School, established by two New York City designers/winners of the CFDA award. I work in public education, and I love the message behind the brand about working hard to be original and authentic in order to make it through the system. I'm all about empowering my students to do the same!

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

European Honeymoon [7 of 9]: Cinque Terre, Italy (Part 1 - Riomaggiore)

Photography by Miguel Marino

Paused our European Honeymoon series over the summer, but now it's back with a few more destinations left! Cinque Terre, Italy is separated into two posts because there are just too many gorgeous photos of these charming towns. Part 1 is all in Riomaggiore, which is the quaint town where we stayed. Riomaggiore is the most southern village of the five towns (hence "Cinque"), and since we planned to hike the five towns, we were able to take the train to Monterosso and then hike all the way back (the hike through the rest of the towns will be Part 2!). Here are some notables about Riomaggiore:
  1. Riomaggiore had these adorable, colorful homes stacked on the hill facing the Ligurian Sea. We watched the sunset while sitting on the rocks.
  2. The restaurants in Riomaggiore seemed more "mom and pop." Pictured are snacks like a seafood cone, crepe with gelato, and arancini (fried cheese-filled risotto ball).
  3. One of the days we were there, it rained so hard! We didn't want that to stop us from a hike we had planned, so we got ponchos and forged ahead! We spent hours hiking up the hills of Riomaggiore, which were pretty empty because of the weather. We stopped at a checkpoint for a bird's eye view over a fog-covered Riomaggiore, and then we kept ascending to wherever the path would take us, which led us through lots of cute homes tucked away in the hills. Even though our lower halves and feet were completely drenched, I'm glad the rain didn't stop us, but actually gave us quite an adventure!
Destinations before: ParisBarcelonaVeniceMilan, Athens, and Santorini (Part 1 and Part 2). Next week: Cinque Terre, Italy (Part 2)!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mini Top and Maxi Skirt

Kate Spade crop top (on sale!)
H&M sandals
Everlane "High-Low" belt

These are my last collection of photos from our Maui trip. I've been back at work for a couple weeks now, and this tropical getaway seemed so long ago... I wore this outfit to our last dinner at Mama's Fish House (one of our favorite meals of the trip!), and I like pairing a crop top with a high-waisted maxi skirt for a balance of lengths.

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