Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Elevator, elevator, take me home

Tunic and leather over the knee boots from boutiques in Hong Kong, tights from Supre in Australia

Why I'm posing next to a bunch of painting supplies is not for aesthetic reasons.. obviously, since it just looks like the unglamorous mess that it is. It's because the sun was going down, and no one was in sight so I panicked and took some self timer shots and this was an angle with just barely enough lighting.

So one cool thing about this tunic is the attached feather necklace, and the fringed hem, okay and the print, which is why it had to belong in my closet. I had bought a pair of over the knee boots the day before, but when I saw these slouchy, dark brown leather, puff top, gold buckle, slightly pirate ones I figured two is better than one, they could be friends, the first pair was getting lonely. This is not a justification, it's.. anyway. Oh so a disclaimer: if you're Australian please don't judge me for going into Supre or even being within 100 feet of it, I was in dire need of basic tights when I was there to the point that anything will do.

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