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Monday, August 16, 2010

Driving slow on Sunday morning

Forever 21 crochet top
Good Society jeans

These were taken at Greenlake in Seattle on a beautiful summer's day that was slowly slipping into the evening. Everything smelled so alive and the breeze warmed by the sun feels better than silk on your skin. Here in Hong Kong, in a city of 7 million people on only like 430 square miles, my alone time escape has been night swims. And even then only when I'm underwater is everything quiet and at peace. (Yesterday the lifeguard tried to hit on me. He turned out to be 19... I am too old for this/you...) The city is nonstop and so alive in such a different way, but it's a good change of pace, I think we always need that in life every once in a while.

Into crochet lately, more proof in this post. These Good Society jeans were actually made by good (no pun intended) friends of mine. Fairly traded, organic, sustainable, socially conscious, and a great fit. After you break them in, of course. Wearing raw denim initially is pretty miserable, but worth it to be able to personally distress your own jeans.


  1. Angel has a halo in #1

  2. Ahh! Seattle is so beautiful. I was just out there a few weeks ago and oh how I long to go back.

    And yes I do remember you from the livejournal days!! I still use mine on occasion to put poetry and more personal stuff that I wouldn't put on my fashion/photo blog. Glad we found each other again! The internet is great like that :)


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