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Monday, August 2, 2010

Eating through San Francisco (Part 1)

I'm surprised at how long it took for me to get a food post up considering the intense level of affection I have toward quality, tasty, beautiful cuisine. Here are some eats from my trip to San Francisco mid-May.

1. Cute library cafe on Haight, horrible chai tea lattes though
2. The crawfish beignet on the far right from Brenda's was delicious, even with a stamp of approval from my flexitarian friend
3. Strawberry cobbler pancakes from Brenda's. Worth the 2 hour wait/starvation, obsessively compulsively checking if the list was getting any shorter, and secretly (sometimes audibly) cheering when parties in line ahead of us got impatient and left. Very good things come to those who wait
4. Geisha Drink at a cafe in Japantown. Green tea ice cream, red bean, and chunks of mochi can never go wrong
5. Pretty plating of panna cotta at Luisa's


  1. Daniel Dudley8/02/2010 10:43 PM

    you need to find the creme brulee cart that travels around san fran! it is fantastic!

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    Is this possible?


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