Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just let me run where I want to run

Shredded cowl back top from Maison des Reveries, black Wilfred lace bra, Jeffery Campbell buckle wedge boots

Was captivated by the desolate feel of this industrial area in Ballard, so had to shoot here before I left the country for a month.

This past day went by like a whirlwind, was in transit for 23 hours and now I'm halfway around the world. A close call (missed my first flight then found out it was delayed an hour, phew) and two brutal layovers later, I finally made it to Hong Kong! Will be here and traveling around Asia for the next 42 days. Off to sleep, resting up before a day of dim sum and shopping. Oh what a hard knock life..


  1. Let me know when you get back from Hong Kong. Totally want to do a shoot like this with you.

  2. LOVE THE PICS. You're beautiful :] I hope you're eating way too much food and hopefully you'll think of me during a bite-ful, here and there. ;D Good 'ol food-bf-luffer days...*sighs* haha miss you! xoxo

  3. yes sean i'd love to shoot with you!


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