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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Come out way up high, far from things that we know

Mason chambray dress
Zara belt
I.T clog booties

I'm even impressed with myself for not toppling off the rooftop wearing these clogs. But the oxford style and rich mahogany (can anyone keep a straight face anymore after saying that phrase thanks to Anchorman?) leather are worth the potentially life-endangering slips and falls.

Anyway, exciting news! I booked my month-long Europe trip yesterday! Flying to New York after Thanksgiving for a few days before taking off to Paris, London, Barcelona, Viterbo, Rome, and a couple more cities we're still deciding on. Meeting up with my best friend who is currently studying abroad in Italy, can't wait to spend Christmas and New Years there with her! It'd also be my first time in Europe, so I couldn't sleep until 6am, heart was beating out of my chest and couldn't stop smiling, I think I'm already exhibiting signs of falling in love...


  1. Great outfit, love it! especially the shoes.

  2. grat dres,i really like it& you look so cute in it<3

  3. how do you not have millions of comments?
    these are so so amazing

  4. love the chambray + the SHOES!!


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