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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Photojournal of Hong Kong (Part 2)

1. A bouquet of flowers left behind from an engagement photoshoot on the beach that we spied on
2. Flashing lights. This city really never sleeps
3. Something about being near water puts me at peace
4. Tropical
5. Some graffiti tagged walls in Causeway Bay
6. Hello babies.. two pairs of Dries Van Noten boots, welcome to my closet
7. One of those ledges you could easily spend a lazy afternoon sitting and staring out to sea
8. These rocks are such a gorgeous rust color
9. Pistachio, earl grey, black sesame, and hazelnut crunch macarons. Heaven comes in the form of small delicate sweet treats


  1. Great picsss :D! I think you should stay in HK longer and take moreeeee! LOLZ.

  2. pretty pictures - the last one is making me hungry! loving your blog girl :)

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  3. I'm always surprised to see nature in HK


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