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Friday, October 22, 2010

These are the things that make me free

H&M eternity knit scarf
Wilfred wool blazer
Evil Genius ripped tee
Forever 21 jeggings
Tory Burch patent reva flats

At Local Color in Pike Place, an awesome art gallery, studio, and cafe. Sipping a caramel latte that just gets better and better (as all the caramel sinks to the bottom, until the last half inch of coffee that really is more like saccharine syrup ack) over conversation so inspiring I'm literally pulling out my Blackberry to take notes.

Picked up this tee a while ago, it's got holes everywhere and major gashes on the hems. I like layering it with a blazer and patent leather flats so everything doesn't look all perfectly put together. A surprising number of people have reacted sincerely concerned and asked if I had snagged the shirt badly on something.. I'd be super impressed with myself if my clumsiness could manifest into precisely designed rips on a t-shirt. Also, told you so (here) that I'd be living in a blazer and jeggings all fall..


  1. oh i'm in love with your scarf!

  2. Great shoes!

    Love Grace.

  3. What's with these 'jeggings'? Are these what's hot in the streets? I definitely like the whole not-perfectly-put-together look. Very carefree yet chic at the same time.

  4. Pic #2 -- do you need some deodorant?

    haha jus playin


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