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Monday, November 22, 2010

Recipe: Monte Cristo sandwiches for brunch

One of my favorite things is brunch on a lazy Sunday. Life is a bunch of fireworks, running around, and craziness throughout the week, so it's really therapeutic to wake up without an alarm clock and make brunch in a toasty kitchen in sweats.

Boyfriend made Monte Cristo sandwiches with prosciutto and swiss cheese last week. Recipes usually call for ham but prosciutto > most things. Dipped a side of the French bread in a mix of whisked eggs, half and half, cinnamon, pinch of nutmeg, and vanilla, and toasted them on the griddle. Sprinkled powdered sugar on top and some strawberry preserves on the side for dipping. The sweetness of the jam is perfectly balanced by the savory cured meat. Sautéed butter, thyme, garlic and onions, added chopped red potatoes to the pan and finished them in the oven. He squeezed orange juice and made us French press with Illy French roast.


  1. um you MADE this?!! so delish looking!!!! u can do it again this sunday, cuz we dont have to wake up at 6am!! ^^

  2.!!!!! I want to wife you!

  3. yumyumyum...!!! I always dream on whipping up some super scrummy brunch during the weekend but most of the time... I end up waking up past brunching hour!! :P

  4. wow. those look scrumptious!! i'll spend a lazy sunday in your arms! hehehe :)

    cins - [design3rd]

  5. Yum. You're on my blogroll :) x hivennn.

  6. Driving slow on sunday morning, and I never want to leave... Looks delectable! Although the potatoes looked slighhhtly overcooked... All in all another savory creation, especially for brunch!


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