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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So few come and don't go

Zoa silk button up
Louis Vuitton skinny belt
Balenciaga wide leg silk pants
Matiko cutout wedges

I realize you fall a lot deeper in love with something you photograph with your eyes open, like when I was roaming around this district of Seattle scouring for picture opportunities and suddenly you're doe-eyed like a child (or an overeager tourist) and everything is new and beautiful. The alleys and century-old brick walls of Pioneer Square have so much character, it's like a good wine (or a good man).. gets better with age.

Anyway, the high waisted wide leg trouser, simple button up, and stacked wedges look is one of my favorite silhouettes for fall. So classic.


  1. these are darling--love your comparison on men and wine, ha ha :)

  2. Love those pants!

  3. I love the shots, the scenery is beautiful and your pants are gorgeous!

    Puck //

  4. very sophisticated and chic :) i think the backdrop suits your outfit perfectly

    x amie

  5. We love love love love LOVE this outfit. And we know exactly what you mean about the surroundings..


    .sabo skirt.

  6. everything about you is stunning...

  7. It's all about perspective then, huh. It's amazing how things look the same till your perspective changes and you see that once ordinary thing in a new light. This allows for greater appreciation as well as deeper understanding, even if it's just for yourself.

  8. such a gorgeous outfit i love the pants! they're perfect


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