Friday, November 12, 2010

When the sun goes down it's the magic hour

Double pocket button up and long leather gloves from Hong Kong boutiques, Robert Rodriguez silk pants, Louis Vuitton suede flats

Catching the sunset by the pier downtown is always spectacular, worth weathering the accelerated drop in temperature (though the long leather gloves did a pretty good job insulating the surface area from my mid-bicep to fingertips, mission accomplished). For fall I like the simple color scheme of camel and black with various textiles, so I paired the camel raw silk top with black leather gloves for a textured edge, and added a little sparkle with an ornate collar necklace.


  1. I love your outfit! It's so adorable... Especially this camel shirt!
    Love your style + I think you are soo beautiful! I would like to be asian too :)

    I'm following!

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  2. gorgeous look! :) I can imagine that the sunset by the pier was fantastic... Gosh I wish I were in Seattle too! It's such an incredibly pretty place. :) Any chance of snow this year?

    Ooo UW! Congrats on graduating! What did you major in? Heh my uncle actually teaches at the UW sometimes (Dentistry) and when I was there over the summer I went to the Ave and it was so nice to walk around!

    Ooo how was HK? Do you have any particular places/stores you'd recommend? I'm going to be going there in Dec for holiday! XD


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