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Friday, December 17, 2010

Every act of creation is first an act of destruction

 Zoa silk sheer button up
Shipley & Halmos high waisted pants
Dries Van Noten booties

Had one of those heart palpitating, breathless, eyes widening moments when I first looked across the room and locked eyes (well it wasn't really mutual..) with these Dries Van Noten booties. Then I got closer and saw the buttery smooth cognac lambskin leather and python skin heel, and I fell hard (figuratively, thank God) - in love, that is. Wore them with my favorite asymmetrical hem silk sheer button up and these high waisted belted Shipley & Halmos pants my boyfriend gifted me. He has awesome personal style and always surprises me with something when he goes shopping. I'm a very lucky girl - in many ways. :)


  1. Love the pants/shirt combo, the boots are fantastic and the setting is just brilliant! Great post!

  2. I love the ring, I've got one quite similar. The shoes are awesome, really daring and they stand out.

  3. those ankle booties make me ddiiieee <3 they are perfection. love how you styled them, these photos are lovely!


  4. Those gorgeous booties give a simple, yet elegant look such a great vibe.

    Love the background too. Gorgeous.


    November Grey

  5. Lovin' those Dries booties..they are just soooo hottttt and I love the combo of the brown leather with the heel..WOWOW! We are followin' you now babe! Your pics are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  6. i love your pants!!! your boy has great taste.

    that's funny that you are at most of the places i hang out and i never see you! you're so adorable!

  7. oohh you are such a pretty and stylish girl! love the combination of the booties and the pants, and the setting of the pictures is really cool as well. lovely post!

  8. you're such a natural at modelling! :)

  9. amazing look
    lovely post.

  10. Gorgeous outfit. These photos are fabulous. Kind of reminds me of Transformers, lol, but in a good way!


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