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Thursday, June 17, 2010

My new favorite creature to photograph

California Academy of Sciences and Monterey Bay Aquarium

A good change of subject from the usual fashion outfits, since this blog is intended to showcase things that I wear/eat/discover/like/love that are pretty. Never realized jellyfish were so beautiful to capture. Aren't they photogenic? I love aquariums. Something about being enclosed by water (as much as you can anyway without actually submerging under) where everyone speaks in a hushed library voice is so soothing.

Watch this video of Kuroshio Sea (the 2nd largest aquarium in the world in Japan, with Barcelona's "Please Don't Go" as the perfect background song) on repeat and it'll be as good as a 60 minute massage.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Linen pants are the sweatpants of summer

Zara cardigan and linen pants
Halogen tank top
Marc Jacobs bag
H&M scarf and sandals

This past week has been crazy, I graduated from university yesterday and have been enjoying the new found freedom. All the socializing has been tiring, but fun always trumps exhaustion. I'm infamous for penta-booking my days and scheduling weeks in advance, so I took this lazy Sunday off with minimal plans. Late lunch at a crepe place, did a little bit of work remotely, relaxed at home (updating blog and cleaning room fall under this category) before happy hour later tonight.

Anyway, I would weather the wrinkles for how seriously comfortable linen pants are. Elastic waistbands should really be utilized in all pants. If that happened, there may be a direct correlation to monetary appreciation of business at buffets...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Feels like the last few nights we been everywhere and back - San Francisco, CA

Urban Outfitters eternity scarf
 Jolie striped top
Silence and Noise black jeggings
Aldo metallic oxfords

Would not recommend cabs as the primary form of transportation, though convenient in a new city, the wallet was rather upset for obvious reasons. One day we were in SF shopping on Fillmore and remembered we wanted to go to a store on Union that was closed the day before so we took a taxi there just for that one store. Felt like a diva, not good. On an unrelated -- but I guess slightly related since I'm talking about shopping which entails clothing -- note, jeggings are so comfortable! I am now a believer. They look like jeans but feel like nothing, score.