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Friday, February 11, 2011

San Francisco, here comes your wandering one

H&M elbow patch sweater
Forever 21 jeggings
Tory Burch patent flats
Marc Jacobs shoulder bag

Boyfriend and I are currently in San Francisco, here for a few days then to Napa Valley for Valentine's Day. The trip so far consists of sunshine, amazing food, sightseeing, shopping = perfect. Lots more photos to come! These were taken while shopping on Haight today. Had lunch at Tartine Bakery before, then walked off the food coma with some intense and prolific retailing. The weather was gorgeous, we ate outside, left our coats in the car, and roamed around all over Mission. Anyway, think this sweater is so adorable, stripes, cropped, and elbow patches (! obsessed with that lately..)


  1. Beautiful pictures :) and I love the sweater too ^^ x

  2. I'll be there next weekend indulging in some good food. Someone told me about Philz and Blue Bottle coffee?!

  3. omgawshhhh I love your bag!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you have fun w/ your bf! I know you're gonna take lots of pictures :) yay!! bahhaa.

  4. I really want to return to San Fran one day!

    your outfit and photos are both v pretty

  5. i have the same sweater and tb flats! great minds think alike. xo

  6. @anonymous: philz and blue bottle are both really good for coffee. so many yummy food spots!

  7. My goodness, I am so pleased I found your blog. I cannot wait to visit San Fran in August. Your sweater is just ridiculously gorgeous, what with the elbow patches. Love your style.
    Heidi xo


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