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Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy birthday to my nails

Deborah Lippmann "Happy Birthday" nail polish

(If anyone got that Andy Samberg's "happy birthday to the ground" spin off I attempted on the title.. you're awesome. If not.. let's move right along..) The best nail polish ever! It's disco + glitter-on-my-eyes, stockings-ripped-all-up-the-side Ke$ha (I'm on that pop culture reference tip today) + my Ron Ron glitter Christian Louboutins in liquid form. Granted it takes 5+ coats to achieve this sparkly effect. Perfect nail polish for birthday week!

Now just have to be careful not to mess them up while packing for Cancun.. leaving tomorrow! Throwing a bunch of swimsuits and flowy dresses into a carry-on and calling it good.


  1. awesome nailpolish indeed ^^ can I still wish you a late happy birthday? ^^ Have fun in mexico! x

  2. oh man what FUNNNN!! :D i feel all excited and happy inside just looking at those crazy fun nails!! I think it's pretty much the perfect color for a fun night out...

    which places stock it?? is it expensive??

    have fun in Cancun!! looking forward to seeing photos :D

  3. That is such a great nailpolish. I love it and wish you a great time in Cancun:) Happy Friday, my dear

  4. Epppp! That looks so cool! I love glitter nails but hate taking it off, I have a barely used bottle of pink and purple glitter nail polish, you're making me want to bring them out again!


  5. That is such a lovely nail polish color (?), shade (?)...whatever glitter counts as.

    Happy birthday and have an amazing time in Cancun!

  6. oh, i was gifted that polish for my birthday last year! isn't it marvelous? and my other favorite deborah lippmann polish is the dark metallic jade "don't tell mama". she has so many great polishes..

  7. OH fun party nails!!!!! I wish they stocked Deborah Lippmann in HK ): The only downside of super glittery nailpolish is that theyre such a bitch to take off -___-

  8. isnt’t that polish difficult to get as perfect as on the picture? How much is it?

    All the best and Happy Easter

  9. Have fun! I love all the glitterr

  10. This is funnn! Haha I need to get a nail polish this color! Great for the summer time. Any who, enjoy your time in Cancun!

  11. awww beautiful nails! i love the rough texture and how they feel once they're on x

  12. love it!
    Like youre blog!
    I put you in my favorite blog list!
    I'm following now!
    wanna follow me?

  13. Verrryyy cute!

    xoxo Uyen

  14. ahhh-mazing!
    great post and love all the lyrical references in ur post!
    made me laugh =)


  15. Oh I love those! I tried those Sally Hansen stickers everyone's been raving about and they just weren't for me, I'm going to be on the lookout for colorful sparkles.

  16. Ahh, what a fun polish! I love Deborah Lippmann, one of my favorites :) Love your blog, just followed you! Have a fabulous time in Cancun.

  17. What fun nail polish! Where did you buy it?

  18. I WANT this nailpolish! Did you get it in Seattle? Where? I need need to know!


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