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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

To do: 1. love 2. dream 3. be free

Anthropologie aviators
Surface to Air shirt
Topshop leopard belt
Nasty Gal tail skirt
Fossil heels
Marc Jacobs bag

Finally was a 70-degree day this weekend, first time I bared bare legs probably all year. Something about sun makes the day completely perfect. Boyfriend and I strolled around Pike Place Market (thank God for comfortable 5-inch cork heels.. seemingly contradicting but yeah I said it. Though probably still relatively low on the scale of comfortability if you throw, let's say, UGGs in the picture) and picked up fresh flowers, local chocolates, and a box of my favorite macarons from Le Panier for his mom's birthday later. Can't think of a better ending to that than with an evening celebration of steak dinner, wine and time with his family.

First of many posts of tail skirts/dresses (when the back is longer than the front). Obsessed with that silhouette lately so I picked up a bunch, they're fun in the wind and flow so beautifully.. but beware of unanticipated Marilyn Monroe moments when sudden gusts swoop under. That's when my ninja reflexes saved my butt (from overexposure), literally.


  1. GORGEOUS photos!!!

    Love, love, love your heels.

  2. great pictures - love love love that skirt


  3. I'm in LOVE with your skirt! That asymmetrical hem is amazing.

    Lovely photos as well. I haven't been to Pike Place in forever.
    Anyway, you're gorgeous, dear!

    Mint & Mellow

  4. You look absolutely perfect, Carolyn. I'm loving that skirt and heels! I really, really need to find myself some suitable brown chunky heels.

  5. gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS!

  6. Love your "To Do" list :) Lookin' great as always!

  7. I'm absolutely in love with your skirt!

  8. Love the skirt and heels

  9. that skirt is fucking badass.
    should have known its nastygal. i can spend hours on their site trying to figure out some diy steals.

  10. great skirt. love how its longer in the back

  11. beauutttiful skirt! love it :)

    it would've been cute to see you do the iconic marilyn monroe pose. lol! so funny because i was just watching one her movies last night, what a coincidence!

    sounds like such a perfect day, i'm so glad to hear that you're enjoying the heat. it's about time, seattle! haha. it was almost 100 degrees here today... argh, but i'm definitely not looking forward to going back to the nasty... foggy weather back in SF. :(

    & put up pics from the beach in mexico!! i wanna see more pics of the lavendar ruffle dress! it's super dreammmyyy. hehe


  12. I love your skirt!

    Just found your blog, and love it! Following you now.

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    My Fair Lady Boutique

  13. You look great!!xxx

  14. i love the title of your post and i love that skirt!
    its a great outfit!
    we've had some summer-esque days lately too which is great, being in australia definately not a winter person!


  15. I'm glad I discovered your blog, you have really chic outfit posts!! When it hit 70 deg in NY last week I broke out the sandals! I couldn't help myself lol

  16. I adore this outfit from head to toe, can't believe I just discovered your blog. I love your style!

  17. Your skirt is so unique and pretty. Look great.

    No, I didn't get to shop at that outlet mall in Orlando. Spent too much time in Disney World lol. Thanks for stopping by my corner :)

  18. LOVELY GOGEOUS! u name it!!!

    i love the heels!!!!


  19. Ive never seen such a pretty flowing skirt!
    And you wear it just wonderfully!

  20. lady, i am totally in love with this look... specially that skirt. it's stunning!

  21. That skirt is stunning! I love these pictures! :)

  22. Gorgeous outfit, love the asymmetrical skirt especially :)



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