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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tasty n Sons - Portland, OR

We're lucky to be a few hours drive from Portland, so a few weekends ago we did a mini getaway trip there. Most of this trip consisted of hunting down food spots, which is one of our favorite adventures. We heard so many things about Tasty n Sons so we had to stop by for brunch.

Chocolate potato doughnut with crème anglaise.

Griddled bacon wrapped dates with maple syrup and almond.

Sautéed spinach with sunny side up egg.

Auntie Paula's French toast with mixed-berry maple and whipped cream.

Moroccan chicken hash with harissa cream and over easy egg.

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  1. Omg yum! I love Portland and how convenient it is for a mini day trip from Seattle too. Makes me want to go look for Tasty n Sons now next time thanks to your review. :)

  2. LOVE Portland! Love Seatle too, as there is no sales tax in Seatle! YAHOO!

    Chocolate potato doughnut with crème anglaise? OMG. I need one!
    Let's follow each other!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  3. The food looks utterly delicious!

  4. Those look really good! I want to go to Portland one day.

  5. Delicious. This place looks very PNW. Portland certainly has lots of tasty treats to offer.
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  6. that chicken hash looks mouth-watering...what a sexy lookin' over easy egg...

  7. food looks so good! I definitely want to try the chocolate doughnut

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  9. looks yummy! so glad i found your blog! i am your newest follower! xx

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  10. Next time you guys should try Pok Pok. Amazing food! Wait times are similar to Tasty n Sons, so be prepared for it.


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