Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday brunch: Joule - Seattle, WA

We love Revel and its sister restaurant, Joule, which recently remodeled and moved to Fremont. I'll post about dinner there soon because it is just so good. Today we checked out their brunch, further proving that these two sibling restaurants can do no wrong.

Brunch buffet included with your entree.

My plate (round 1): seaweed cracker, bacon buttermilk biscuit, citrus and mint marmalade, apple tart, pickled squash, and two cheeses.

Husband's plate (round 1): similar to above with an addiction of bacon walnut kale and homemade buttermilk dressing.

Porchetta, stuffed oatmeal, with a sweet chili rub.

Black sesame waffle, katsu-styled chicken fried steak, with smoky maple syrup.

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  1. Cutest little buffet I've seen! Looks deliciously yummy!

  2. OMG YUM! xx

  3. If your posts are any indication, Seattle has some seriously amazing restaurants. Clearly I need to make a roadtrip!

    xo, alison*elle

  4. holy mother of all brunches, I must go back for the black sesame waffles...

  5. ultimate fusion food. it all looks so good! esp. their spin on chix & waffles.

    ♥ Diana


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