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Friday, February 15, 2013

Hey Pretty Thing on Instagram

I've been more prolific on Instagram lately just because of convenience. Follow Hey Pretty Thing on Instagram! Here are some of my latest photos:

1. Out and about town with the mister in Rebecca Minkoff and John Varvatos.
2. Surprise baked goodies from my husband on Valentine's Day!
3. Celebrated Chinese New Year with curry oysters eggs benedict on scallion pancakes and garlic baby bokchoy.
4. Loose bouncy waves for the weekend.
5. Gorgeous CĂ©line sandals.
6. Every Friday my husband surprises me with a Friday funday treat after work! Here is this past month's treats: deep fried brat, red velvet cake, pumpkin pie with marshmallow fluff, and cupcake.

Have a fun long weekend!


  1. your hair is so long now!
    always great coming to your blog drooling over the delicious food and eyeing the gorgeous photos!


  2. Will definitely follow the instagram! <3

    crunchy cheese me

  3. Love your bouncy hair! Awww...your hubby is sooo sweet to get your sweet treats every Friday!!! He's a keeper for sure,hehe



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