Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Am Style-ish x Miguel Marino Photography

Tiffany of I Am Style-ish photographed by my husband Miguel Marino Photography

My husband started his photography side business recently and was contacted by Tiffany, the adorable blogger behind I Am Style-ish, to photograph her and her husband's 5-year anniversary shoot with their dogs, Savvy and Macho (best names). I was so excited for him to take photos of them because Tiffany is always impeccably dressed! See more pictures at Tiffany's blog and please "like" Miguel Marino Photography on Facebook! He is offering starting prices for engagements, portraits, and weddings. If you mention you follow Hey Pretty Thing, we'll take 10% off your order. ;)


  1. Omg lol I was so confused! I went right into reading the top paragraph and I was thinking "five year anniversary? I could have sworn they just got married!" lol until I scrolled down and realized that brunette was not you and read the paragraph on Tiffany's blog, haha!


  2. Like Sarah above me, I have to admit that I was pretty confused when I first looked at this post.
    I'm glad to see that I wasn't the only one jumping to quick conclusions!

    Congrats to Tiffany and her husband for hitting the 5 year mark. From this picture you've shared, it looks like your husband did a great job photographing them and capturing their cute style as well as their adorable dogs.
    Cheers all around to great photography as well as lovely families! :)


  3. Cute pics! They look really happy! :) Exceptional photography as well I must say, as I noticed some really good use of shutter and focus settings on the photographs which I learned over at shoot digital pics like the pros that helped me relate to the settings with which some of the photos might have been taken. :)

  4. Ha, Macho- I love that name too!

  5. I loveeee your dogs! I want one so badly! Too cute :)



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