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Monday, March 4, 2013

Home Decor: Room & Board tour

Room & Board recently opened in University Village and invited me to tour their showroom last week. I've always loved home decor but even more so since husband and I purchased our townhouse half a year ago when we got married. The Room & Board tour was so inspirational, as each room was skillfully styled with a little bit of midcentury mixed with contemporary pieces while maintaining a livable comfort.

One of my favorite rooms. I love the retro midcentury look! Pictured: Anson sofa

Such luxurious details like the horizontal quilting on the leather chair. Pictured: Callan leather chair

Most gorgeous raw edge wood long dining table. Pictured: Chilton cherry dining table

I fell in love with this thick cable-knit rug! It instantly warms up a room and makes it so cozy. And of course, also adore the Noguchi cocktail table -- more Herman Miller goodies to come. Pictured: Cable rug

Room & Board stocks a drool-worthy amount of Herman Miller, like this classic Eames chair in a stunning red. Pictured: Eames molded plywood lounge chair

Clean dining space with natural elements. This dining table is made from reclaimed oak used in railroad cargo from the 1900's -- Seattleites love decor with history. Pictured: Howe table

Maybe because we're in the market for the perfect rug in our living room, but I couldn't help gasping in awe of all the rugs Room & Board has to offer. Patterning the cowhide adds incredible depth and texture in this rug. Pictured: Pure Park cowhide rug

We're also looking to replace the lighting above our dining table and we liked these handblown glass pendant lights. I can imagine lining up a row of them in various sizes. Pictured: Hennepin Made pendant

Room & Board's custom program is insanely amazing. It's so nice to have furniture fit your needs rather than, much too often, adjusting your home to fit the furniture.

Thank you so much to Room & Board for having me!

Photography by Miguel Marino