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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Beauty: Face Favorites - Oil, Creams, Foundation

Recently, I did a complete overhaul of my facial beauty regime. Most of my existing products weren't suitable for my combination skin and growing needs. So I was excited to find botanical yet powerful products that have been making a visible change to the look and feel of my skin. Here are my current favorites:

1. Boscia - Tsubaki Beauty Oil - I take a few drops and press the oil into my face at night after cleansing and toning. It's so hydrating, especially during the cold, dry winter.

2. Chanel - Le Lift Crème (Night) - Lightweight but luxuriously moisturizing, with anti-aging agents and a delicate floral scent.

3. Chanel - Hydra Beauty Gel Crème (Day) - The texture is fresh and cool, perfect for transitioning into warmer weather. I noticed this helps purify and control my oils well so I've stopped using makeup primer.

4. Koh Gen Do - Aqua Foundation - The best foundation I've used so far! Light yet layerable, and looks as if it just melts onto your skin when you apply it, as in there's absolutely no cakey-ness. I love the dewey finish and SPF.

What are some of your current favorite face products?


  1. I love a good gel creme too, perfection for hydration without clogging my pores with oil x

    the chic & damned

  2. Lovely beauty gems going on over here;) That Boscia facial oil sounds interesting. I'm currently using the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate facial oils. I actually don't have too many skin problems and so i cant really tell if the products i use are good or not, unless i had an allergic reaction which hasn't happened yet (thank god,lol). But the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate is good so far, and it's slight lavender scent is really soothing, perfect for bed time:D


  3. Lovely products here *0*
    Currently I like L'Occitanes Shea Butter face cream ^^

    恵美より ♥

  4. i love gel texture creams for day too :)

  5. This post is just perfect ;)
    Kisses my beautiful <3


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