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Friday, August 15, 2014

Packing for Hawaii

Husband and I are headed to Maui! I'm most excited to eat everything from fresh fish poke to spam musubi and then take food coma naps on the beach. Besides essentials like sunscreen, my suitcase is full of swimsuits, day dresses, beach tunics, and maxi dresses for evenings. Click the pictures above to shop my picks for what to bring on a tropical vacation. I'll keep the blog updated with posts, and you can follow our adventures on Instagram.

If you've been to Maui, I'd love to know your recommendations in the comments below!


  1. I am dying to visit Hawaii, it looks like just about the most beautiful place in the world ! Enjoy your trip xx

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  2. I actually need an iphone underwater case! haha thanks for reminding me! :)
    Hope you have a great time in Hawaii! x

    Thy N. | Ivory June |

  3. Have a great trip.

  4. yay for this trip!! I can't wait to go back to Hawaii. I haven't been back for several years now (gosh, time flies!) but, I am totally in planning mode for a few trips. =D

  5. maui is my favorite island!
    I left some suggestions on your IG, but i'll leave some here as well:

    lahaina grill (love!!)
    ferraros at the four seasons is another favorite.

    dry-min and beef sticks at sam satos
    guri guri at tasaka guri guri
    I heard monkeypod in wailea is amazing as well...
    and pita paradise has the most amaaaazing baklava ice cream cake.

    can you tell I just love to eat? lol.
    have a fantastic trip!


  6. We've been to all three restaurants at the Four Seasons and Duo was probably our favorite because they had an insane seafood buffet. Spago was second favorite and we didn't like Ferraro at all (not sure if it was an off-night but it was so mediocre).

    Second the recommendation for monkeypod in wailea! There's a chocolate place on that same plaza, it's so good we went twice!

    Mama's Fishhouse was AMAZING. Best meal of the entire trip. Try to go at sunset.

    Another place is Migrant - dude was a finalist on top chef. It's on our list if/when we return.

  7. OMG wish I was headed back to Maui!!!
    I second everyone's suggestion on Monkey Pod, we always go there. Also, the Old Lahaina Luau is a fun dinner and show type place. If you get there early you can learn some dance moves from the hula dancers! Roy's in Kaanapali also does some mouthwatering seafood. And I've haven't had a chance to go to Mama's but I hear so many good things about it!

    Yaay, have fun on your trip!


  8. Have a great trip. I’ll love to go to Hawaii. . If are interested in belts, check out

  9. Try Star Noodle in Lahaina! Their food is fresh, flavorful, and delish (esp the Vietnamese Crepes - worth the long wait as they are always busy. You can also grab takeout too!)

  10. the perfect selection ! :)

  11. Wow this is really cute!! I love the top and bikini ;) lovely selection!!

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  12. These are great finds and I love that black maxi dress! I have never been to Hawaii, but I am sure you will have a ton of fun!!

  13. I've never been to Maui, but I've always wanted to go. Have an amazing trip!

    Nicole to the Nines


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