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Friday, April 17, 2015

4 April Beauty Favorites

Left to right: Living Proof "Blowout" styling spray, Clinique "Even Better" essence lotion,
NUDE Skincare "ProGenius Omega" treatment milkSunday Riley "Start Over" eye cream

I am always trying new hair and beauty products, hoping to find the perfect concoction for my hair (flat/thick) and skin (dry/combo) type. Here are 4 products I've been loving:

Living Proof "Blowout" styling spray - I have naturally flat hair but a lot of it. I own many voluminizing products, and what I like about this one is that it can be used in damp hair to amp up volume and dry hair for extra hold.

Clinique "Even Better" essence lotion - This is my favorite essence ever! Essence is applied after toner and before lotion, and it has a slightly thicker consistency than toner. I have dry skin so I was noticing that toner and lotion alone didn't keep my face moisturized enough. Pros: 1. No fragrance (even natural fragrance can irritate skin) 2. Affordable 3. Helps keep skin sealed with moisture.

NUDE Skincare "ProGenius Omega" treatment milk - I actually won this on Instagram when NUDE Skincare did a giveaway! This is awesome because a). I feel like I never win stuff and b). it filled in a hole in my skincare regime. I use this only at night and after I put on essence and before lotion and face oil, and I wake up with baby soft moisturized skin. Pros: 1. "Milky" texture is easy to glide over face and neck 2. Absorbs quickly. Con: I'm not a fan of its scent, but then again I don't like scent in any facial products.

Sunday Riley "Start Over" eye cream - I swear by Sunday Riley's "Juno" face oil (featured on my Mother's Day gift guide last year) for winter nights. Pros: 1. Thicker, almost sticky texture works well in keeping the delicate skin around the eye area soft (just make sure to gently pat into the skin instead of dragging) 2. No fragrance 3. Pump design keeps product stable and sanitary. Con: Pricey! I use it preciously.

What is one beauty product you're currently loving?? I'm shopping the Sephora VIB Early Access Sale (code: VIBLOVE), so I'd love to pick up more goodies!

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  1. I swear you are my hair/skin twin! I'm the exact same. Flat on top, but since there's so much hair, I end up with triangle head. I'll definitely be looking in to that styling spray. I've been really curious about Sunday Riley products, but I agree that it's pricey! Thanks for the suggestions.

    1. haha I can totally relate to "triangle head"! As with Sunday Riley products, I would only really recommend the Juno oil (lasts about a year!) for the price. I think you could find comparable and more affordable eye creams but I do really like Start Over. Some of her other products are heavily scented or less effective and not worth the price (to me). I do want to try her Juno body oil!

  2. I really want to try "sunday riley" but it's so pricey, I will try the styling spray you hairs look very great!

    xxx June

  3. I seriously need me some essence.
    My skin has been acting quite weird lately and feels too dry.


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  5. seem like great products ;)) lovely photos btw!


  6. Great reviews, I need to try that Living Proof product, sounds like just what I need.

  7. great post xx

  8. great post xx

  9. I so need to try that styling spray! My hair is also mega flat (but there's a lot of it!) thanks for the post! :)

    Metallic Paws

  10. great stuff.. i want to try the eye cream! xo

  11. So lovely dear! Thanks for sharing and have an amazing new week!

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  12. Thanks for sharing this helpful info. So sweet of u!!

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  13. I will try that eye cream <3 Love your blogs!!


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  15. I have dry skin too so sometimes i tend to buy wrong product for my skin.

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