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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Valentine's Day: #TreatYoself (and Loved Ones)

Valentine's Day was a huge deal growing up, like when you had to buy candy and cards for every kid in your class. In my "younger" years, I would rack my brain for something to gift the boyfriend at the time, and we'd exchange presents over an overpriced prix fixe dinner.

Now, I feel like everyday is an opportunity to show love. While the flowers, jewelry, and dinners are fun, love is also in the little mundane things of everyday life. For example, Husband truly makes it seem like Valentine's Day everyday -- every morning, he makes me a latte and smoothie and packs my lunch. I love these daily gestures of thoughtfulness!

So Valentine's Day is just an extra reminder to appreciate your loved ones... and yourself!

What are your Valentine's Day plans this year?


  1. Nice selection ;)

  2. A reminder I need to invest in a slik pillow case!


  3. Love those flats!

    I am looking for someone to collaborate and guest post with if you're interested :)


  4. I love this post! The satin pillow cases look seriously dreamy :) and the jewellery and the YSL bag <3 pretty much everything haha.

    x Helen

  5. That is too cute that your hubbie makes you a lunch and smoothie and latte! What a keeper lol. I agree, everyday we should show gestures of love, but small gifts don't hurt too! Love the Chloe flats, the Deborah Lippman polish color, the YSL bag...all of it! Hope you have a great Valentine's Day weekend! xoxo, Christine

  6. Aww that's so nice of your hubby! Such pretty gift ideas and that bag is to die for! :)

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