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I’ve noticed my food posts as of late have been on homecooked meals, while we do try to cook often (healthier plus we love it), we actually eat out all the time. Boyfriend recently suggested a midweek “try a new restaurant” night, since many of our dinner dates have randomly fallen on Wednesdays and it’s something fun to break up the week. So I thought I’d start a tradition for this blog too: Taste Thursdays, to feature some of the spots we’ve tried. This week: Revel!

Revel is an Asian fusion restaurant in Fremont with a modern interior, bright, spacious, and an open kitchen connected to the bar offering front row seats to the chefs. The pop art on the walls was colorful in a kitschy way for an otherwise clean and simple space.

Pork belly, kimchi, bean sprout pancake. We love pork belly and order it at every restaurant that offers it, I really think pork belly can do no wrong. This dish came with four dipping sauces that brought out the flavors well.

Chorizo, jicama, cilantro dumplings. Cilantro is one of those keywords that if I spot I will order the dish whatever it is. Also, my mom says I hold chopsticks wrong.. my rebuttal is that it hasn’t failed me in life thus far..

Five spiced duck meat balls, lacinato kale, smoked chili noodles. So savory and flavorful.

Lastly.. I’m a little into dessert. By “a little into” I mean I look forward to it before appetizers even arrive. They offered three ice cream sandwiches, which is an adorable idea. We couldn’t decide which to get.. so boyfriend ordered them all. (This man was made for me.) From L-R: vanilla pound cake, coffee, milk jam (which is caramelized condensed milk); coconut maccaroon, Kaffir lime, huckleberry compote; chocolate chip cookie, chili, chocolate caramel. My favorite was the vanilla pound cake, who knew you could improve on condensed milk, but apparently heating it slowly on the stove for 3 hours browns it into a thick delightful creamy sugary paste.

The head chef and owner of the restaurant personally stopped by our table at the end of the meal, and I found out he and his chef wife also owned Joule, this other Asian fusion restaurant in Wallingford that I love. He described the food he makes simply as, “food we like to eat.” Well, it’s food I like to eat too.

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  1. February 4, 2011 / 7:57 am

    I love this new feature! I just wish I had more time to go visit all the cute little restaurants in Seattle.. we end up just going to pho down the street from our house like ALL THE TIME.

    And I totally hold my chopsticks wrong. I've noticed a lot of asians hold them wrong, and the non-asians are the ones that hold them properly. I don't care as long as I can pick up my food! 🙂

  2. February 4, 2011 / 6:13 pm

    Hi Carol!
    It seems very tasty!
    Oh… and you have beautiful glasses!

  3. jane
    February 5, 2011 / 9:14 am

    Oh my goodness- ur bf spoils you very well! You should show off your bf on ur blog btw! Have you guys been dating for a while? The food is making me so hungry now. . . . . Nott good.

  4. sophisticated
    February 7, 2011 / 3:10 am

    dessert platter!!!

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