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Sorry for disappearing from the blog! Grad school, student teaching, and being newly married have taken up all of my time and energy. Plus, Seattle has reverted to its usual dark, rainy behavior so outfit shoots after work are a lot trickier. I’ll be more consistent though! For now, here are some of my latest Instagram photos + commentary. You can follow Hey Pretty Thing on Instagram here.

1. An adorable way for guests find their seats at a wedding. I may have been a wedding crasher to get this photo..
2. Our fireplace is my favorite part of our home on a cold rainy day.
3. Outfit shoot on a beautiful fall street in our neighborhood.
4. Loving the wallpaper and decorative gold frames in this pub.
5. A collection of “Friday Funday treats” from the husband over the past month. He’s so sweet!
6. The sun making a grand exit for the evening.

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