The Hart & The Hunter – Los Angeles, CA

The joke is that a successful, hip business name should begin with a noun, then an ampersand, and finally another noun. Proof is in The Hart & The Hunter, which feels like your quirky aunt’s charmingly mismatched kitchen that serves up modern, comfort food.

Ordering the Avocado Toast is always a good idea, especially with toppings like smoked trout, hardboiled egg, and a pickled onion and capers salad.

If caffeine in the morning is not enough (and lately, I’ve been feeling the need to up the dosage of my usual double-shot latte), maybe a sugar kick can help. Here are pecan praline pancakes atop the cutest plate.

For a real indulgent morning, the Chicken Cracklins sandwich is a must. Fried fat has never tasted so good… wait, yes it does, always.

Have a happy weekend!

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