DIY Nail Sticker Art Manicure

DIY nail sticker art manicure tutorial

I’ve been channeling my inner tweenager with my nail art and accessories these days haha. Read on for an easy DIY nail sticker art manicure tutorial:

OPI Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet nail polish

1. Apply base coat and two coats of nail polish. The pink is Essie “Cascade Cool” and the yellow is OPI “Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet”. Even if you’re going for the “naked nail” look, apply polish because nails have oils that can weaken the sticker adhesive. I use Londontown “Peach Please” for a natural nude.

2. Allow polish to fully dry! This is the most important step or the sticker will cling to the polish and you won’t be able to move it around.

nail sticker art manicure

3. Apply stickers to your heart’s content! Place one side down and smooth over the sticker with a finger or tool to prevent bubbling. I got these Suatelier “Jelly Monster” nail stickers.

nail sticker art

4. Apply two layers of top coat.

And that’s it! It was my first time so the process wasn’t perfect but I already can’t wait to try all my other stickers! I miss my manicurist at Varnish Seattle (she hand drew amazing designs for my Christmas nails and New Year’s Eve nails), but I’m not trying to go out too much because of the pandemic so these DIY manis will have to do for now.

Because I used regular polish, removal was pretty easy with acetone nail polish remover. It weakens the stickers, which can then be peeled or scraped off.

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