Sweat Shorts and Prada Cloudbust Thunder Sandals

Prada Cloudbust Thunder sandals

To spruce up a casual black outfit, I layered a few fun gold chain necklaces. This year, I bought a lot of activewear, so when it got hotter, I gravitated toward sweat shorts since they’re so comfy. I opted for this pair since the paneling was interesting, and to brighten up the outfit for summer, I added some colorful bracelets, necklaces, and anklet.

cropped black tee
Prada Cloudbust Thunder sandals
Sweat Shorts

StyleNanda sweatshorts (shop more shorts here), H&M cropped tee (shop more cropped tops here), Prada “Cloudbust Thunder” sandals (affordable version here and here), Nike cap, Balenciaga sunglasses, Supreme crossbody bag, Blackcurrantpop “Lolita” necklace, Venessa Arizaga puka shell bracelet (on sale!)

Especially right now, I want to be pretty mindless about what to wear, so it’s been an easy summer uniform to throw on some sweat shorts and fun jewelry. I’ve been especially gravitating toward layering 90s-styled pop jewelry with simple gold chain necklaces so the look feels less serious.


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