Sweat Shorts and Prada Cloudbust Thunder Sandals

Prada Cloudbust Thunder sandals

There’s not much summer left for bare legs so I’m taking advantage of the warmth while I still can. This year, I’ve bought a lot of activewear due to quarantine and working from home, so naturally when it got hotter, I gravitated toward sweat shorts since they’re so comfy. The paneling on this pair kept the look interesting, while the neutral color palette makes it easier to style for everyday wear.

cropped black tee
Prada Cloudbust Thunder sandals
Sweat Shorts

StyleNanda sweatshorts (shop more shorts here), H&M cropped tee (shop more cropped tops here), Prada “Cloudbust Thunder” sandals (affordable version here and here), Nike cap, Balenciaga sunglasses, Supreme crossbody bag, Blackcurrantpop “Lolita” necklace, Venessa Arizaga puka shell bracelet (on sale!)

We took these photos weeks ago, and now it’s hard to imagine even being able to be outside. I live in Seattle and the smoke from all the fires on the West Coast has been really heavy for days. It’s devastating that these beautiful states now look post-apocalyptic and the air quality is so toxic. I hope our country takes climate change more seriously so we can all take better care of our planet…


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