Fall 2020 Outdoor Activity: Apple Picking

fall outdoor activity apple picking Seattle Washington

Happy 1st day of October! This summer, I posted about 10 outdoor socially distanced activities, and one of them was blueberry picking. I had never gone before and it was fun to do with friends while still being far enough apart. That made me brainstorm more outdoor activities, especially during fall season — like apple picking!

We went to Swans Trail Farms, which had lots of food and activity options. We started the day off with apple cider donuts ($1 each!) and coffee, and that was the perfect morning! After, we picked a bag of Honeycrisp and Gala apples — for the smallest bag (pictured), it was $15. Later fall, the apple varieties change to ones like Fuji, etc. For lunch, we had corndogs and cheese fries, and got a caramel apple, apple chips, and kettlecorn for the drive back.

The morning was chilly so I was able to break out a fleece jacket. I recommend layering as the afternoon really warmed up! It had rained the day before so the grounds were muddy, and I was glad I wore rainboots.

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