Goodbye 2020

2020 was a year that started off as any other… The 1st photo I posted was in anticipation of our spring trip to Japan and Korea and 2nd photo was on Valentine’s Day at an indoor event with hundreds of people. Both international travel and large gatherings are unfathomable now.

By spring, everyday shrank and blurred and grayed. Don’t early quarantine days of making banana bread feel like another life ago? Like many, I stayed sane by picking up old and new hobbies: playing guitar, hiking, even frolfing lol. Being forced to slow down, I faced my relationship with productivity and got to really appreciate small happinesses all around.

The biggest of these joys is connection: I’m grateful that sharing every waking moment with Hubs as we both work from home has made this year beyond bearable but actually so fun. Thank you family, friends, coworkers who I chat with almost daily for the laughter, honesty, and love.

After a year of practicing non-attachment to plans, I find it harder to be excited for the new year, and yet I know it’ll be another one we’ll take on with resilience. The human spirit can’t be easily dashed. Hoping we all have a better 2021!

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