4 Spring Nail Art Manicure Ideas

spring manicure nail art inspo

It’s the little things that add a little smile to our lives these days, like having on bright jewelry paired with my everyday dainty gold rings. With so much arm candy, I’ve been treating myself to fun manicures, whether it’s doing DIY nail stickers or going to my favorite nail salon. Here are four of my favorite nail designs that I had recently for spring:

1. Daisies & Smilies

daisy manicure nail art

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking haha. But I like pairing the sweet daisies with quirky smiley emojis of different expressions that Tin from Urban Nail Box drew by hand. I treated myself to this manicure before traveling to Austin, Texas for a long weekend, since it was going to be so warm and sunny. I’ll post outfit details, like these cute gingham shorts from Shopbop.

2. Rainbow & Clouds

rainbow cloud smiley manicure nail art

I’m obsessed with the rainbow thumbnail! I really like the use of negative space in a manicure, like the cloud design on the middle fingernail. Plus, it makes the grow out less obvious haha. Alice from Urban Nail Box did an incredible job drawing everything by hand and making my vision come true!

3. Strawberries & Flowers

flowers strawberries nail art manicure

I bought these nail stickers and did my own nails in a pinch before going to Napa, California a few weeks ago. The strawberries and flowers are the perfect mood for spring.

4. Glitter, Hearts, and Stars

nail ring Unistella nail stickers

I got these Vika nail stickers from K Banana and they’re so easy to use. I especially love how easy they are to remove, as glitter nail polish is notoriously laborious to take off.

Out of 1, 2, 3, and 4, which manicure is your favorite?


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