2021 Holiday Season Recap (Christmas Outfits, Dinner Ideas, Gifts, etc.)

Seattle holiday dinner

Husband and I have the last couple weeks off at the end of every year, and it’s always the best time ever! I was mostly off all my socials to be present during the holiday season in the company of loved ones. Now that I’m back in the swing of things, I’ll post a holiday recap. It makes me happy just looking at these photos and feeling the warm memories. ūüôā

Annual Holiday Dinner

Every year, Miguel and I book a restaurant for our annual holiday dinner tradition. For a quick look back, we did Rover’s (RIP) in 2010, The Herbfarm in 2011 (omg my thick bangs!), Spinasse in 2012… and so on. We go right at the beginning of Winter Break, and it’s just the best way to decompress from the year and spend some quality time together before the busy holiday season. This year we went to Ascend Prime Steak & Sushi, where we visit often as it never disappoints, and had oyster uni caviar shooters, salmon ikura sushi tacos, wagyu cap of ribeye steaks, dungeness crab mac & cheese, medley of mushrooms, and plenty of drinks!

Sunday Roast Cooking Class

Last time we were in London, we had Sunday Roast at Blacklock and instantly loved the tradition. I mean… Yorkshire pudding and roast beef smothered in gravy… what’s not to like?? So when I saw a Sunday Roast class at The Pantry, I booked it right away, and it was fun learning how to make this for and feasting at the end of class too!

An Eggnog a Day

I love eggnog, and Miguel starts making me eggnog lattes every morning in December. After dinner, we like strolling out to bars for drinks, and if there’s spiked eggnog on the menu, I definitely have to order it… especially if it’s eggnog from Sun Liquor. December is a decadent month haha…

Christmas Eve

Christmas outfits womens mens

We spent Christmas Eve with my Husband’s family as his brother, sister-in-law, nephews and niece were in town from Texas. His family did a Filipino Christmas potluck, and people brought lumpia, pancit, and more. Miguel contributed his pork adobo, which he makes at home for dinner a lot, and I feel like he’s perfected it! Food and family time were so good, but the best was when his nephews and niece opened the Nintendo Switch we got them. I’ve never seen such unbridled joy!!


My Dad’s still in town from Hong Kong, and it’s been soo amazing spending all these holidays with him! We had him over for Christmas dinner, which started off with a simple cheese platter and smoked salmon we brought back from our Alaska trip, and had the Ashes & Diamonds 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon from our Napa trip this year. For dinner we had king crab, cap of ribeye steaks, lobster ravioli, brussels sprouts, and mushrooms.

One of my favorite things is having long meals over good food and drinks with loved ones, and this holiday season had so many of those quality moments, with most of them uncaptured by pictures. So grateful for love, health, and time together this year. <3

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