My Birthday! 1st Bday Pregnant

Spinasse Seattle

Celebrated my birthday last week! It was my first one pregnant and verrry different from previous ones haha (like this staycation weekend and one at Sketch in London). On the actual day, Husband took me to Spinasse, one of our favorite restaurants in our neighborhood, so I could get the butter sage tajarin.

That morning, Husband packed a passionfruit donut in my lunchbox hehe so thoughtful. Then one of my dear friends had a Lady M tiramisu crepe cake delivered that evening! So after a delicious dinner, a mocktail, and a slice of cake, I got in bed at 8pm haha.

Had lots of dinners and hangs with friends over the last couple weeks that made my heart full and thankful to be surrounded by lots of care and love. Especially as I’m wrapping up Week 16 of being pregnant, baby and I are happy and feeling all the love!

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