Baby: 1 Month Old

I’m a bit late on blogging about this, but on 11/6, our baby girl turned 1 month old! 🥹 Can’t believe how quickly this month has gone by… it’s truly been magical bonding as a family of 3. I’ve felt all the emotions and our hearts are soo full you’re here.

This month…

🍼 Your milk drunk snuggles when you become a puddle after breastfeeding are my favorite.

🧋 On that note we call you our boba straw because you feed and 💩 at the same time. We appreciate an efficient queen. 😂

💩 Speaking of… you’ve cracked us up with a couple blowouts! Once Daddy accidentally stuck his finger in your diaper and now calls that his Twix finger. Another time you blew out and when we tried to give you a bath you spat up on Dad and while I was wiping that you peed all over the bathroom floor haha what a trifecta.

🛁 Bath time is the cutest! Your hair gets extra fluffy after. I call you my dandelion girl and Dad says it looks like a 90s dad haircut lolll and Woody Woodpecker. Your 🦆 tail is also adorable.

💃🏻 You like music and our dance parties, especially “Dancing Queen” by ABBA. We are loving “Lift Me Up” by Rihanna and even though you won’t remember us singing it to you, we hope your little body will remember the warmth of our embrace and feeling safe and sound with us.

📈 You outgrew your newborn sized clothes, lost your belly button scab, and shed your lanugo and that has made me feel all the feelings. You’re doing it, girlie, you’re growing up!

😊 Your baby noises, jolty movements, and winky smiles melt my heart…

We’re in the good old days. I know these are the stories your Dad and I are going to tell when we’re old and gray. We love you so much. Thank you for being our daughter, a word we never got to use before and now forever get to say. Can’t and can wait for all the fun we’re going to have.

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