Baby: 2 Months Old

How are you already 2️⃣ months old?? You know what they say about why time flies, because this month was so fun with you…

💬 You’ve been so talkative! We love chatting with you and hearing your coos and laughs. Your random noises crack us up!

😆 We’re obsessed with your gummy smile! You have tons of facial expressions, comically large yawns, mochi cheeks that are parallel to your chin, and satisfied stretches after being milk drunk that are all so entertaining. And that gravity defying hair of yours is absurd…ly amazing haha.

💤 One of my favorite things everrr is when you nap on me. You look so sweet and snore so cute.

Dad’s favorite is wearing you in the baby carrier — we go on walks, take you to outdoor restaurants/bars, grocery shop, etc. You’re our lil buddy!

🚼 You flipped over twice during tummy time! You’re also able to inchworm up to Dad’s face when you’re lying on his chest.

I’ll treasure these memories forever. We love you! 💕

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  1. December 8, 2022 / 11:05 pm

    Such sweet + funny descriptions!! “Comically large yawns, mochi cheeks that are parallel to your chin” – such a sweet & cozy time, beautifully captured!

    Big hugs!! xox, – Annie from

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