Baby: 3 Months Old

Happy 3️⃣ months my dear baby girl, you’re no longer a newborn 🥲 When did that happen! This month…

🎄 It was your 1st Christmas! We had fun taking you to Santa pics and doing all our holiday traditions with our new +1. You got lots of ornaments that’ll be sweet to put on the tree next year!

❄️ It was also your 1st snow! You in your puffy snow gear gets me. It was a magical time staying cozy inside and snuggling.

😴 You sleep well and always wake up smiley — it’s fun getting you from the bassinet, you’re so darling every time!

🗣️ You’ve gotten even more chatty! I love our convos and your loud babbling cracks us up.

💪🏼 You rolled over on both sides a bunch and grab at things! You started interacting with your reflection in the mirror and it’s hilarious. When Dad changes you, he loves your happy feet. You also do this funny move where you lift your legs and thump them down. Even though you’re so active, you still love standing up in my arms to look out at the world…I’ll hold you close like that for as long as I can.

🍡 Your cheeks are so nommable, I can’t count how many times I kiss them in a day. And your hair is still our favorite — it seems to be growing vertically an inch a month haha.

🥰 We are having a blast with you. We love you, baby girl!

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