Baby: 4 Months Old

Happy 4️⃣ months! It always feels like soo much happens in just one month…
🧧 It was your first Lunar New Year — we celebrated by making dumplings with both sets of grandparents, and you got your first red envelope!
😆 You’re starting to laugh and it’s the best sound ever!!! We watch videos of you laughing on loop while you nap haha.
🥰 You have such a chill and happy disposition. It’s been fun bringing you out, whether it’s to restaurants, friends’ houses, or walks, you just kick it with us. You smile so easily and always wake up grinning — it melts us!
🚼 You get so excited and determined during tummy time like you’re about to crawl! We call you our little thumper because you stick both of your legs straight up and pound them down. You also love putting your hands in your mouth right now.
🌱 You outgrew the infant sling of the bathtub, consolidated to 3 naps a day and sleep so well now, and rarely contact nap anymore. 🥲 No one prepared me to handle when it’s the last time for something. Growth is bittersweet… I miss all your past stages yet love who you’re becoming. Just so grateful to have really cherished this time with you.

We feel like we lucked out with the best baby ever. You’re our angel baby! We love you!

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