1 Month Back from Maternity Leave Recap

It’s been a month since I’ve returned to work after maternity leave and I wanted to share a recap of how it’s going.

The first day leaving baby girl was of course the saddest, hardest feeling. She’s so small and after spending almost every second of every day together for the last several months I couldn’t imagine not being with her all the time. I’m so grateful and relieved that my parents watch her and my husband works from home, so she’s in the best hands and so well cared for. I also track her naps and feeds through apps.

I breastfeed baby girl before I leave for work, pump twice during the day, and then feed her right when I get home. My office is actually ideal for pumping — the door locks, there are blinds, a sink, and a fridge. It’s when I’m at meetings off campus that get tricky. I’ve pumped in random people’s offices, had to find a sink and fridge, or missed a session here and there. Pumping at work adds a layer of complexity to the day, but most of the time I have my rhythm down and make the best of it.

The reunion with baby girl after work is the best!! She’s always so smiley and happy to see me, and giving her hugs and kisses is the best part after missing her all day. It makes time together even more precious, and we’re all intentional with spending quality time together at night and on weekends. Through this I’ve also realized that I like being a working mom — I’m passionate about my career in education and I love my coworkers, but I really value work life balance now. They say it takes a village to raise a child and it truly does… so thankful for my community!

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