Baby: 6 Months Old!

Ahhh happy 6️⃣ months to our big girl! 🥳 Last month…

🚼 You rolled back to belly, and you’re determined to crawl! Your floor superman move is so cute.
😘 You blow raspberries back and forth with us and sing your lungs out. Gong Gong and Lola both think you’ll be a singer haha.
😆 You’re always smiling and laughing, especially at peekaboo and anything that builds anticipation — your unbridled glee cracks us up too!
💪🏼 You’re so strong you can stand for a bit when you pull on the playpen rings!
👣 You grew so much your toe’s bust through a few pjs lol!
🐨 You’re starting to koala and hug back and it’s the best snuggly feeling.

Gray, you came into our world half a year ago… now we can’t imagine a life without you. We love you more everyday! More videos here.

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