Baby: 7 Months Old!

Happy 7 months to our sweet love! Every month with you is getting more fun! This last month…

🛏️ You transitioned out of the Snoo and our room and into your crib in your own room 🥲 You’re growing up…
🥰 It’s amazing seeing more of your personality. You’re sweet, cuddly, social, smiley, determined, chill, chatty, curious, focused… just so fun!
🙌🏼 You give the best hugs and love hanging with us. The way you clutch my hand before you nap melts me… But you also grab our faces hard and have super strength pinches!

🥑 You started solids! Your faves: avocado, egg, chicken, yogurt, peanut butter, sweet potato, salmon, and strawberry. You don’t quite love broccoli and carrot yet.
🦷 You sprouted two lower chompers! I thought your gummy smile was cute but this is adorable too, especially when we brush them lol. You do this hilarious thing with your tongue and you suck your bottom lip the way your dad did when he was little.
💗 I say this everyday… you are pure love. You bring pure joy to our lives. We love you!

More videos in my Instagram post here.

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