Baby: 8 Months Old!

Happy 8 months to our happy girl! Last month…
🌸 We wanted to plant a cherry blossom tree for our baby girl and partnered with Molbak’s to find one! They were so knowledgeable and helped us choose a Yoshino Sakura, which is the main species at the UW Quad, so as alum we had to get that one 💜💛 It’ll grow as you grow… 🌱
🚼 You’re on the move! You started crawling at the beginning of the month and now you’re able to go from crawling to sitting and seem really determined to stand.
🗣️ You’re so vocal! Lots of dada, baba, maaa, shrieks, dinosaur noises, and other hilarious baby sounds. You still love books and dancing to music.
🐨 You love being outward-facing in the carrier on walks now, but you make sure to hold both of Dad’s hands. You’re curious and you explore everything! You’re also a big cuddler and I love our weekend morning snuggles.
🧻 Who needs toys when you love tearing tissues? You like anything that crinkles and also are delighted by my electric toothbrush (4th video) haha.
🍗 You’re a good eater! You enjoy everything… veggies, fruits, meats, breads… girl after our own heart.
Hanging out with you is soo fun. We love you so so much!!

More videos on my Instagram post here.

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