TXT ACT : SWEET MIRAGE Concert — My Soundcheck Experience, What to Expect, Wear, Pack, and More

TXT concert soundcheck experience

My bestie and I have stanned TXT since their debut, and after watching all of their online concerts during the pandemic, we finally made it to the last stop of their ACT : SWEET MIRAGE tour in the US on 5/28 in LA!

TXT are all such talented performers, and they looked even more perfect in real life than they do in photos, if you can believe that. The concert was so much fun! It was our first soundcheck experience and everything went so smoothly, so here’s a recap:

My Soundcheck Experience

TXT concert VIP tickets

We had BTS barricade tickets to the Map of the Soul tour that was cancelled sob sob, so this TXT concert was actually our first VIP experience. (Read my BTS Permission to Dance Concerts post here.) Soundcheck started at 4:30pm, and we got to BMO Stadium an hour before that. There was a Floor Entry Only entrance, and after an easy check in, they gave us our VIP gifts of a clear bag, posters, scarf, pins, VIP lanyard, and as many banners as you wanted. The line after that moved efficiently as well, and we were in the stadium by 4pm. We were so pleasantly surprised with how non-stressful this process was!

TXT VIP soundcheck

I was too much of a rule follower to take any photos/videos during soundcheck so here’s one I found (thanks gyuwithlove). Yeonjun’s outfit was so chic! Soundcheck lasted for about 15 minutes, from 4:30-4:45pm — they did 3 songs, said some words, and had a long goodbye.

We had about 2 hours before the concert started at 7pm, so we went to get drinks and use the restroom twice. Both lines moved pretty quickly. We ate beforehand so didn’t line up for food, and we also weren’t interested in merch, but that line looked long. Time went by fast, and soon the concert started!

Floor B3 View

We were Floor B3 Row 14 and our seats were centered in front of the extended stage. I loved this view! I was able to see their facial expressions and rarely looked at the screen. You can also see how respectful MOA were for the most part — they held MOA Bongs and phones mostly at head-level and rarely had signs up. Only a few people recorded almost the entire concert with their phones over their heads and had signs blocking the view.

TXT are next level performers and their endurance is no joke! We thought we’d be able to break for the bathroom during their VCRs but they only averaged around 4 minutes. Even time before the encore was less than 10 mins. Not sure how they changed/rested so quickly! Thankfully we didn’t really have to use the restroom, but you may want to plan for that!

“Our Summer” was one of the first TXT songs that I loved when they debuted, so it was such a sweet and nostalgic ending song, especially with the banner event.

What to Wear & Pack

TXT Sweet Mirage concert Los Angeles

“Eternally” is one of my favorite TXT songs and the music video is a work of art. The scene of Yeonjun in white surrounded by purple flowers has always been so striking, so I knew I wanted to pay homage with my concert outfit. Thankfully everything was so comfortable too!

I’m a light packer and just wore this clear fannypack and attached the MOA Bong so I could be handsfree, but after they gave us VIP bags, I stuffed both into the tote.

Hope this post was helpful! Ask any questions in the comments and I’ll answer them.

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